Let's test the one-shot vaccine strategy

Sometimes life provides a second chance. For Obamacare, that second chance 
is now. We’ll soon learn whether the Affordable Care Act is capable of achieving near universal healthcare coverage at an affordable price—the promise made in 2010. President Joe Biden has reopened enrollment on the exchanges and ordered an immediateContinue Reading

Democrats Threaten Impeachment if Pence Won’t Act After Capitol Siege

They conceded that conviction by the Senate, which would require a two-thirds majority, including 17 Republican defectors, remained a long shot. But some Democrats and Republicans privately reasoned that an impeachment had other benefits. If the Senate were to vote to convict, it could then proceed to bar Mr. TrumpContinue Reading

Educators act against poverty and on mental health issues

The Australian Education Union (AEU) has invited its members to participate in the national Anti-Poverty Week and to support the wellbeing and mental health of students and colleagues. Anti-Poverty Week is an annual Australian initiative, being held this year from 11-17 October. This year’s campaign will focus on ways toContinue Reading

U.S. Used Patriot Act to Gather Logs of Website Visitors

In a Nov. 6 letter to Mr. Wyden, John Ratcliffe, the intelligence director, wrote that Section 215 was not used to gather internet search terms, and that none of the 61 orders issued last year under that law by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court involved collection of “web browsing” records.Continue Reading