Datakin launches OpenLineage initiative for data lineage industry standards

Datakin is announcing OpenLineage, its initiative to define industry standards for data lineage, at the Open Core Summit today. OpenLineage’s end-to-end management intends to make data operations more efficient and trustworthy for enterprises. Datakin is developing OpenLineage in collaboration with contributors to other open source projects, including Admunsen, DataHub, Pandas,Continue Reading

Unions demand clear and consistent nation-wide education standards

Two German education unions have called for transparent standards at federal level and coordinated conceptions. The Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW) and the Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE), together with the Federal Parents’ Council (BER), have issued demands to participants at the 21 September national education summit in Germany.  Continue Reading

China proposes global data security standards

(Reuters) — China announced an initiative on Tuesday to establish global standards on data security, saying it wanted to promote multilateralism in the area at a time when “individual countries” were “bullying” others and “hunting” companies. The announcement, by State Councillor Wang Yi, comes a month after the United StatesContinue Reading

For tech to serve the public good, we need standards

When I first started as a technology investor, I became interested in Neil Postman’s work at NYU. He stated — in a time of the rising proliferation and expansion of television programming — that mediums of mass persuasion and influence needed extremely careful consideration and society needed to understand the unintendedContinue Reading